Here we gooooooooooooo

First a blog… stop Dragons den














Following posting a photo of my youngest daughter on social media wearing a bin bag after she vommed all over the car, I received a large amount of comments, which confusingly (and maybe worryingly) lead me to wonder whether I should finally stop bloody procrastinating and start a blog. Or possibly patent the Idea? (I would genuinely buy a chunder-proof car seat FYI. Bloody genius!)

Three years ago I wrote my first blog post, which sat on an old WordPress site gathering no comments or opinions because I never bothered to share it past a few close friends and my mum (who is always going to tell me what I write is brilliant… Cheers Mumbo). So I will share it now, on this blog – because I wish someone had written something similar three years ago, when I was four months into being a new mum, incredibly lonely and a little bit mental?

I don’t have a specific goal in mind with starting this blog – a few friends had suggested I should (because I’ve got loads of ‘bants’… apparently). I don’t have advice, or tips as to how to parent – I’m learning on the job, it’s certainly not going to be an award-winning fashion blog with make up tutorials on how to achieve the perfect contour, but having recently had a bit of a rough ride mentally (I guess I’ll write a separate post about that – that’s how this works right?) I decided that I needed some form of outlet other than wine (which for anyone that doesn’t know me – I REALLY LIKE WINE) as a cathartic way of working through the emotional roller coaster that is my mind.

So I’m seeing this as an online journal type affair. I love to ramble on about anything and everything to those who will listen – in fact, my mind is sufficiently stocked with haphazard ramblings, and I thought perhaps a more suitable place for them to reside was on the internet. Obviously. I also rather enjoy a good bloody rant and I am not shy in telling it how it is. I like to call this – Keeping shit real.

I love writing, I like trying to be funny… And at the end of the day, I know my Mum will read it.




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