What now?


With my tiny mind still a tad (understatement) blown by my last PIZZUP soiree, I thought it best to provide an apprise if you will, as to where PIZZUP is heading, and more importantly what’s coming next.

I tend to reiterate my motives envisioned for PIZZUP, and what ‘it’s all about’ copious times. The reasons for this are fairly modest. New mums are in abundance, and motherhood, is, well – fucking hard.

Over four years into my mothering escapade, and I now believe a hefty portion of women are speaking more openly and candidly about the demanding, relentless sides to parenting. It’s not always been the case though, and when I first had Elsie it really wasn’t the done thing to air your views on how utterly shit it can sometimes be – least without feeling you were being judged, or that you were ungrateful – because motherhood is a blessing, right?

Yes, yes, it is. Nevertheless, it is also bloody gruelling, and with the statistics surrounding pre and post-natal depression, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) alongside anxiety ever increasing, I think we could all do without the pressure of worrying whether being honest when things aren’t feeling as delightful as you thought they might be, is frowned upon.

Listen up though kids. That’s not to say unless you’ve found elements of motherhood a right old ball ache at times that PIZZUP isn’t for you, or that it’s all about new mums – PIZZUP is for everyone. Take little old me for example, as I’ve consistently said – PIZZUP derived from a selfish requirement. I was two kiddos down and emerging from the baby phase with Marnie, when I decided to host a ‘mums’ night out’. Why? Because I was looking for a decent night out, and more importantly a decent night off.

Don’t get me wrong. I have many a mate without kids whom I like to hang out with, and I also enjoy a night out on the lash as and when babysitting allows with Mr H. Nevertheless, there’s something to be said about congregating with a room full of excellent women, who are all in the same sphere.

Whether it’s standing alongside another likeminded mutha at the bar ordering your second bottle of fizz – with a knowing look that you’ll both be facing kids the next morning, an inane chinwag in the loo as you welcome a pee in peace, or simply ‘dancing like no one is watching’ – rubbing shoulders with a familiar foe brings a special unity of sorts.

Anyway. Back to the brief, and more importantly the question which I’ve been asked many a time, since CHRIZZUP.

“What now? What’s next?”

Well, PIZZUP has been and always will be an Inclusive night out. Yup, I’ve said that before too, but I’ll damn right say it again.

Way before I became a mum, I have sat many a year on the periphery of feeling part of something, but never quite in it. I sought to occupy a role within a clique, or crew because I felt it would go a little way to me feeling more worthwhile. I know now because PIZZUP has granted me the confidence – that much to some’s surprise, I am lacking – to allow myself a sycophantic pat on the back.

Since PIZZUP I have felt involved in something awesome for the first time in years, but without the desperation to seek out assurance. Thanks to the incredible feedback, I know others have felt it too. Hearing from women who’ve pushed past their comfort zones to walk in alone, battled their way through PND to enjoy some time to let go for a few hours, or the new mums that have emailed in the middle of the night asking to be notified of dates, simply because they need a break and a night out. That is without a doubt why I do it.

So, whatever I do for the ladies that I have congregated along this excellent (mostly booze fuelled) journey, it’ll be to remain authentic about why I started PIZZUP, and where I go from here.

Side note – can you tell I’ve not blogged for a while? What started with a simple “What’s next?” has now become two pages of my mumblings. Again. Soz about that.

WELL. With inclusiveness (there she goes again) at the soul of PIZZUP, I have tried my best to greet every lady that’s graced PIZZUP’s doors with a hug and a glass of prosecco – so far, so good, and there have been no complaints of personal invasion (yet). Some ladies come with a mate, a few with a group, but many come on their own. To retain the familiarity and intimacy of the night moving forward, I believe the ‘smaller’ PIZZUP’s still need to exist, plus – hosting a ‘mum rave’ (I quote DJ Luck and MC Neat no less…) every 6/8 weeks feels a little too hefty, even for my sacred social self.

It’s great to have a massive night out to whack in the family calendar, and more importantly to look forward to. With kids in tow there’s also a fair amount to plan for. Babysitters to book, arguments with partners to be had, and more so – the anticipation (insert nervous poo emoji) leading up to PIZZUP has always been one of my favourite moments about hosting.

And so, with all the above in mind and sticking to my PIZZUP philosophies – normal service will resume as of February. ‘Normal’ service being approximately 85 ladies with exclusive use of one venue; hoofing down great fodder, a shit load of booze and dancing to the sweet sounds of our resident DJ Mr Jamie Hayward. I will post a save the date super super soon once the venue is confirmed, so you have plenty of notice on tickets.


NEVER FEAR MY LOVELY LADIES. I always deliver. There will be another mammoth PIZZUP coming your way, with plenty of notice for premier inn takeovers, but it’ll be towards the warmer months, so we can kick off summer with a fucking massive bang.





2 thoughts on “What now?

  1. Tay on both fronts not made it to a pizzup yet but have followed all of them with jealousy from the gram – will be on high alert for the next one and the mum rave is so where it’s at! ( although by the summer months it could definitely morph into a festival?!) Much love @karimcla x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh thank you lovely lady!! Don’t be jealous for the next one darling – be there!! would love to give you a squeeze and a drink on arrival, and thank you so much for reading my post xxx


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