What now?

With my tiny mind still a tad (understatement) blown by my last PIZZUP soiree, I thought it best to provide an apprise if you will, as to where PIZZUP is heading, and more importantly what’s coming next. I tend to reiterate my motives envisioned for PIZZUP, and what ‘it’s all about’ copious times. The reasons … More What now?

What’s in a name…

“PIZZAUP” “PISSUP” “PIZZAPP” “PISSINGUP” – call it what you will ladies. I ain’t precious. Alas, what is this all about though? I’ve rambled a fair bit about my feelings of isolation, and loneliness as a new mum. With the arrival of my first daughter Elsie, I also seemingly gave birth to a shed load of … More What’s in a name…

Bringing Flexi Back

Now here’s an Idea – how about you jack in your four day a week job and lunge beyond the threshold, into the realm of freelance life. Claw back a slither of control, attempt to “work around the girls” a little more – Oh, and invest some time doing a bit more of what you … More Bringing Flexi Back

D is for Dan

 And dust. Which has now settled. The hilariously bizarre week, in which I saw my name in over 7 different National press articles (truth) has been, and gone. For the first, and I imagine only time in my life – I went viral. Or should I say, Dan went viral. I thought it best that … More D is for Dan

The next chapter

  Technically, as I type this, I am unemployed. FUCK. Was I sacked? Nope. Did I get made redundant? Negative. I resigned. Shit. First things first, this wasn’t because I didn’t like my job – OR that my job was shit. No – I loved what I did (Ok, let’s be realistic and frank – … More The next chapter

Be more Jo

  Jo and I met at Mrs Bushells nursery, when we were 2. Jo was sporting an unruly corkscrewed mane (which would later bequeath her the nickname “whatamess” – kids are bastards) and I was donning what would now be on-trend heavy blunt bangs, alongside some infantile tub (which would later bestow me the nickname … More Be more Jo